IST 210: Organization of Data (4 credits)

   		      Fall 2008

   	            Course Conduct

- Classes will start on time and end as scheduled. The
un-announced quizzes will be given at the beginning of class, and
thus if you are late to class, you get 0 for the quiz. No

- Half-ready lecture slides will be uploaded to the class web
page one day before the class. Before coming to class, students
need to either bring a print-out (so that they can make a note
for the missing parts) or prepare to type them during class. No
complete version of slides will be provided (I simply don't have
ones). If you miss classes, it is your responsibility to catch up
missing materials.

- In-class usage of computers for only academic purpose (e.g.,
note-taking) is permitted. 

- You are responsible for all the readings, even if the material
is not explicitly covered in class. You should read the class
materials prior to class and be prepared to discuss and ask
questions about the readings and assignments. You should also
re-read the material after class as not every topic will be
covered during class time.

- All work must be completed and turned in at the START of class on
the assigned date. ** NO ** late work will be accepted -- you will get
0 point even if you tun in late. "Late" means after the class has
begun. Note that a computer's failure is not an excuse (it represents
poor planning on your part).

- If you miss a deadline or exam due to university recognized
excuses, a written documentation (e.g., a coach's letter,
doctor's note) must be handed to me at the end of a lecture. If
you can't provide such, you get 0 for the missed work.

- All assignment should be typed and printed properly in
Microsoft Word (i.e., no hand-writing), except any
drawings. Since both TA and instructor use a TabletPC machine for
grading and our current TabletPC configuration allows only MS
Word for pen-based writing, unfortunately, you have to use only
Word in preparing your submission. 

- Individual project must be done individually, and group project
must be done by all members. If I become aware that you are not
contributing to your group equally, I will intervene.

- Students who participate in University-sanctioned events (such
as athletics) must make prior arrangements and give ample
notice. Similarly, seniors who need to travel for job interviews
or such must notify me first.

- You can't get higher grade by offering doing an extra
work. Similarly, in grading, instructor does not consider the
status of students (whether s/he is a senior or freshman) -- just
the performance of the student. An excuse like "I need to get C
to graduate" will not be considered at all.

- However, undergraduate students and graduate students, if any,
will be graded separately.