IST 511
Project #2: Vertical Search Engine
(DUE: Oct. 30, Nov. 6, 11AM)

Team Assignment (4 or 5)
The vertical search engine is a niche search engine that focuses on specific domains and/or businesses. Unlike MSN, Google, or Yahoo that aim at covering the entire Web as complete as possible, a vertical search engine drills down a focused area for deeper coverage (thus "vertical"). In Computer Science jargon, your search engine will employ depth-first search per se, instead of breadth-first search. In project #2, your task is to build a small-sized (less than 3 GB) vertical search engine using Apache Nutch toolkit. In a nutshell, your team needs to pick a domain to cover (e.g., Penn State Sports, PA Used Cars, PA State Parks), crawl only relevant web pages, build index and DB, and provide keyword search capability using web interface.

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