CRE 515: Advanced Algorithms (Spring 2010)
                       Korea University 

                Instructor: Dongwon Lee, Ph.D.
              PIKE Research Group @ Penn State

This is the second-half of the CRE 515 course, being co-taught by
Prof. Jaewoo Kang at Korea University and Prof. Dongwon Lee at Penn
State University. While the first-half of the course covers general
materials in a typical advanced algorithm course (e.g., graph theory,
P vs. NP, greedy|approximate|randomized algorithms), the second-half
deals with more specialized algorithms on various problems in Data
Management, as shown below.

== May == 

03: Introduction
  - Lecture: Syllabus, Research 101, Fake Conference

10: Exact Similarity Join
  - Lecture: WESS Join
  - Reading: A Primitive Operator for Similarity Joins ..., ICDE 2006
  - Ref: Efficient Exact Set-Similarity Joins, VLDB 2006
         Efficient Similarity Joins for Near Duplicate ..., WWW 2008
  - NOTE: DUE for the 1-page team presentation planning document

17: Approximate Similarity Join
  - Lecture: WASS Join, HARRA
  - Reading: Similarity Search in High Dimensions via Hashing, VLDB 1999
  - Ref: Near-Optimal Hashing Algorithms for Approximate ..., CACM 2008
         HARRA: Fast Iterative Hashed Record Linkage for ..., EDBT 2010

24: XML and Beyond
  - Lecture: XML Basics, Sibling XML Tech.

31: Semantic Web Services and Analysis
  - Lecture: Semantic Web Service, Web Analysis

== June ==

07: Web Search and Retrieval
  - Lecture: Search Engine

14: Team Presentation

16: Paper Review DUE (by midnight)