Project #3: Due => Dec. 18, 9:45AM

Part 1: Clean-Up & Data Population

Part 2: Scenarios & SQL Implementations

Part 3: Final Report

Your final report should consist of the following:
  1. Cover page: List (1) project title, (2) project team name (i.e., A-I), and (3) member names
  2. Part 1: FINAL highlevel description of your project (1 paragraph)
  3. Part 2: FINAL E/R diagram
  4. Part 3: FINAL assumptions that you made
  5. Part 4: FINAL relational schema of all tables. If you didn't lose any points in Proj#2, just copy them over. Otherwise, fix them
  6. Part 4: THREE scenario descriptions
  7. Part 5: For each of three scenarios, show the implementation of each step in SQL and its results (i.e., screen-shot of both SQL and answers) after you run it in SQL Server 
  8. Part 6: Short description of WHO did WHAT role in your team (all members must participate in the project)

Part 4: Turn-In

  1. Like before, the captain of each team drops the copy at ANGEL, and the rest of members drops a "blank" one at ANGEL.

Dongwon Lee
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