IST 511
Fall 2007
Instructor: Dongwon Lee

This is an introductory graduate course of IST to teach theoretical, computational, and practical issues involved in managing information and knowledge from IT perspective. Example topics include Computation and Algorithm, Social Network Analysis, Web Analysis and Search Engines,  Databases and Data Mining, XML, Web Services, and Semantic Web, etc. As audience of IST 511 is diverse, narrow and too-technical topics will be avoided. The main objective of the class is to introduce students various IT techniques and tools so that they can understand and apply them to real applications and problems. In addition, students will learn how to read, critique, and evaluate others' research articles, and how to write one's own as well.

Prerequisite of this course is IST 501.

There is a NO required textbook for this course. Instructor will draw materials from academic literature and the Web as needed. Instructor will provide slides as well.

NOTE: ID/PWD to download class materials will be announced in the first class.

Time & Location
Format of Class
Each week, a class (3 hours) consists of:
Therefore, it is necessary for students to do the required reading and actively participate in the class.

Course Schedule and Presentation
Each week, 1-2 students need to do in-class presentation on the selected research articles or topics from the week's list.

Course and Presentation Schedule


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