IST 511: Information and Technology

   		      Fall 2008

                Proj #4 (DUE: Dec. 10)


The final project is an open-ended individual project. You may choose
any topics that are RELEVANT to topics covered (or to be covered) in
511 and conduct in-depth research. Some examples are (non-exhaustive

- Survey article: in-depth survey paper on a narrow topic with
rigorous critiques and novel perspectives.

- Research article: in-depth research paper that shows new findings on
a small topic/problem, or improves upon existing solutions by
substantial margin. (eg, finishing out some future work from your Proj

- Analysis: project report on non-trivial design or analysis on some
problem (eg, showing problem definition and design/analysis results on
the problem like Proj #2)

- Artifact: substantial implementation and demonstration of artifacts
on a topic (eg, Proj #3)

If, at the end of semester, I feel that your submission has the kind
of quality that is publishable, presentable, or demonstrable in some
academic gathering (eg, i-conference), regardless of the topics or
forms that you chose, then your proj will get a high score. 6 weeks is
more than enough to come up a draft of good-quality research idea.

Note that since all members will get the same score for Proj #1-3,
this individual project is a good way to distinguish yourself from

Time frame

  - Oct. 15: Initial outline due
  - Dec. 10: Final report due

Turn-In @ ANGEL Drop Box

Turn in your final report to ANGEL by due date/time (HARD DEADLINE)