IST 511: Information and Technology (3 credits)

   		      Fall 2008


Instructor  : Prof. Dongwon Lee (dongwon -at-
Time        : W 12:20P - 03:20P
Location    : 210 IST
Office Hour : W 10:00A - 12:00P (313A IST)


This is an introductory graduate course of IST to teach
theoretical, computational, and practical issues involved in
managing information and knowledge from IT perspective. Example
topics include Computation and Algorithm, Social Network
Analysis, Web Analysis and Search Engines, Databases, etc. This
course is designed to focus on the "T" side of the T-I-P
(Technology-Information-People) triangle of the IST. Therefore,
all students should expect to do quite a bit of hands-on
technical work such as the installation and configuration of
programs, design and analysis in projects, and coding and
debugging for implementation.

The main objective of the class is to introduce students various
IT techniques and tools so that they can understand and apply
them to real applications and problems. In addition, students
will learn how to read, critique, and evaluate others' research
articles, and how to write one's own as well. 


- IST 501

Following skills are not required but will be helpful:

- Some understanding of Relational Databases
- Some understanding of at least one programming language
  (e.g., Java, C/C++, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby)


There is a NO required textbook for this course. Instructor will
draw materials from academic literature and the Web as
needed. Instructor will provide slides as well.

Format of Class

Each week, a class (3 hours) consists of: Instructor's
presentation, students' presentation, discussion, and project
work.  Therefore, it is necessary for students to do the required
reading and actively participate in the class.

Projects (3 team-based and 1 individual)

- #1: social network analysis
- #2: web database design
- #3: search engine build-up
- #4: individual project on open topics

Teams are randomly assigned and re-shuffled for each team project.


- Class Participation: 5%
- Critique and Homework Assignment: 15%
- Project (4): 80% (20% each)