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Accepted Papers

Last generated: Wed Aug 31 14:44:40 2005 EST.

Out of 44 submissions, 8 full and 4 short papers were selected (27% accept rate)
3: Web path recommendations based on page ranking and Markov models
Magdalini Eirinaki, Michalis Vazirgiannis, Dimitris Kapogiannis

5: Exploiting Native XML Indexing Techniques for XML Retrieval in Relational Database Systems
Felix Weigel, Klaus U. Schulz, Holger Meuss

11 (short paper): A Framework for Semantic Web Services Discovery
Jyotishman Pathak, Neeraj Koul, Doina Caragea, Vasant G Honavar

16 (short paper): DirectoryRank: Bringing Order to Web Directories
Vlassis Krikos, Sofia Stamou, Pavlos Kokosis, Dimitris Christodoulakis

17: Query Translation Scheme for Heterogeneous XML Data Sources
Cindy X. Chen, George A. Mihaila, Sriram Padmanabhan, Isabelle M. Rouvellou

20: Narrative Text Classification for Automatic Key Phrase Extraction in Web Document Corpora
Yongzheng Zhang, Nur Zincir-Heywood, Evangelos Milios 

31 (short paper): A Search Result Clustering Method using Informatively Named Entities
Hitoyuki Toda, Ryoji Kataoka

41: On Improving Local Website Search Using Web Server Traffic Logs: A Preliminary Report
Qing Cui, Alex Dekhtyar

46: Preventing shilling attacks in online recommender systems
Cristian Zamfir, Paul - Alexandru Chirita, Wolfgang Nejdl

57: Looking at both the Present and the Past to Efficiently Update Replicas of Web Content
Luciano Barbosa, Ana Carolina Salgado, Franscisco de Carvalho, Jacques Robin, Juliana Freire

67: Semantic Similarity Methods in WordNet and their Application to Information Retrieval on the Web
Giannis Varelas, Epimenidis Voutsakis, Paraskevi Raftopoulou, Euripides G.M. Petrakis, Evangelos Milios

75 (short paper): Impact of XML Schema Evolution on Valid Documents
Giovanna Guerrini, Marco Mesiti, Daniele Rossi

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