IST 210 / Fall 2006 (by Dongwon Lee)
:: P R O J E C T ::

Team A: Robert Brown, Chanthy Yoeun, Aaron Mertz, and Andy Anderson
Team B: Michael Sweeney, Brian Carbullido, Emil Ivanov, and Peter Sharp
Team C: Sean Smith, Nicholas Kopco, Meghan Gill, and Stephanie Pincus
Team D: Christopher Maurer, Dillon Diaczenko, Stephen Bruno, Jason Abrams
Team E: Carey Li, Rob Stonaker, Carolyn Moore, and FeiFei Huang
Team F: Ryan Pfister, Jeffrey Hudak, Kyle Gifford, and Aundrea Posey
Team G: Zach Oakes, Brendan O'Conner, Paul Romano, Michael Delorenzo
Team H: Jeremy Albert, Cody Shields, Greg Ford, Valerie Werth
Team I: Edward Nekoliczak, Stephen Straub, Adam Toy, Andrew Kuklis, and Durell Kvasny

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